Web CMS Video – Why You Need A Website Content Management System


  1. Krzysztof KuczmaƄski | |

    Dreamweaver can do nothing. Dreamweaver is only a tool – comparing DW with
    any CMS is like comparing plane with a bike.

  2. Monica Limbu | |

    very useful in clarifying the queries of those who are new to website
    development. Liked it !

  3. siggascation | |

    very useful. thank you!

  4. EverysElearning | |

    Hey Michael, nice job on this informative video. It showed up on my BTR
    page right beside our interview from the Voices that Matter conference.

  5. oldtruckmuseum | |

    I am the webmaster for our museum and a member of the staff. With a proper
    CSS and Template System Dreamweaver can do all the things you quote it
    can’t do. However, I agree that museums with out a staff webmaster would
    save time and money with your system. That said, smaller museums such as
    ours operated strictly by volunteers find it harder to find someone with
    enough computer suave to do much more then word or data entry and would
    need training to comprehend and operate your system.

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