Sh*t Web Designers Say

Web designers are a different breed, with their own language. Whether they’re cursing the clients or pointing out fonts in every day life, it’s these characteristics that make us love them. Check us out at http Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Dr Dave Chaffey, author of E-consultancy’s Best Practice Guides, offers useful web design tips and discusses some common pitfalls to avoid.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

 Sh*t Web Designers Say


  1. nehkz | |


  2. Timothy Snyder | |

    I do love Kelly Clarkson…

  3. Rawrtrigga | |

    @Tahir Jamil wait so ure saying if were studying for this or say a software engineer we shouldn’t anymore?

  4. Tahir Jamil | |

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  5. George Lewis | |

    This is crazy guys ..

  6. JOBGG16 | |

    Tell em “I see where that would be useful from a marketing standpoint, but its not possible technically. We could on the other hand put it on a website and make the email a blind bullet salesletter”. I’ve seen incredible marketeers do it just that way, so they shouldnt complain that its ineffective. Well, always depends on where you work.

  7. gavdavid9 | |

    “Helvetica… *gets hit by a car* ” LOL

  8. Harry Kumar | |


  9. Rj Moros | |

    Obviously they’re web designers, not video editors lol

  10. Dale Hardy Jr | |

    Too funny and so true!!! lol

  11. Prozspect0 | |

    Did you try it in google chrome lol I hate browser compatibility.

  12. bryceadams | |


  13. UnavailabledUsername | |

    cool video but i feel it needs to pop more.

  14. MsAzzika | |

    This is nice!

  15. derickamundo | |

    “That’s Rockwell” LOL

  16. WebDesignBarrie | |

    I disagree with the other comment above – Testimonials ARE beneficial – it’s just that there are various levels of credibility in testimonials: #1) VIDEO testimonials… the best, most credible.. #2) AUDIO testimonials or PHOTO & TEXT testimonials are the next best… #3) TEXT testimonials which can still be credible if attributed to a person’s name and company.

    Social Media has brought a whole new layer to testimonials too – people really do trust seeing them in this arena.

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  19. artman40 | |

    One of the most common mistakes website designers make is changing website layout. This is especially bad if it’s a major change, if these changes remove useful features and if these changes are frequent.

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