Q&A: Where can I find web template I need?

Question by M G: Where can I find web template I need?
I am looking for a web template for what I need. I want to make a site that people can login, rate (stars) and leave feedbacks. Where can I find the web templates like that?? Thanks.

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Answer by colanth
You can’t do that in a template – you need server-side programming. (Which means that you have to understand both programming and the language you’re going to write the program in.)

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 Q&A: Where can I find web template I need?


  1. Jon | |

    You can try this site for the web templates:


    If you want to spice up you template:


    If you want to put login page, rates, feedbacks:


    Hope this helps…

    The person above me is right, you need to learn server-side programming but you can just download it from the sites I posted and read the instructions carefully where you should place the scripts. Try using Macromedia Dreamweaver for editing the web templates.

    Best of Luck…

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