Q&A: How do I determine what to charge for creating a web site?

Question by dragonflyllg: How do I determine what to charge for creating a web site?
Hello! I am a graphic/web designer and have never gone out on my own before, however, I have been asked to design a site for a company. I don’t have a clue what to tell them for a price! Anyone have any suggestions for comming up with a price?

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Answer by potobebo
I’ll charge to give you this information

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 Q&A: How do I determine what to charge for creating a web site?


  1. Ash | |

    Heh, well that’s one company that’s gonna get a great deal. Personally I know of no company that doesn’t deal with a designer that has no clue of whats going on. I think before you try to make yourself on your own, you should write up some actual quote ideas and maybe go on something like how many pages, and what not. Now are you in charge of keeping it up to date? Do you know how to run a server, do you know what it takes to run a site completely? The domain, and so on? I mean the design aspect is one bit, but there is much more involved then just making it pretty and adding some links. You want a thought when trying to get yourself “out” on the web is this. Maybe do this site for free and get yourself a name out there and then go from there. Otherwise you not having any idea to price and you will more then likely either overcharge or get taken like hell.

  2. kaedajnor | |

    it depends on how much work your putting into it. One suggestion for a small business is $ 500 up front and $ 100 for each hour spent after that. Like I said, it all depends on a lot of factors.

  3. Martyr2 | |

    When I come up with an estimate for a website, I usually take into account what they are attempting to do and what they exactly need.

    I usually start with a cheap base price like 15-20/hr USD for HTML work only. Then I see if they are in need of a database. If so, that database design is another 5-10/hr. Since they have a database, they will probably need some custom programming in a server-side language like ASP/PHP/Cold Fusion. So that is another 5-10. Then if they are doing something which deals with critical data like an e-commerce site, then I tack on another 5-10. Lastly, do they need credit card handling, that will be another 5-10.

    So for a basic multi-page ecommerce site with a database I would typically charge 35 – 60 USD per hour depending on the complexity of the site.

    Here is the formula:

    15 base + 5 database design + 5 custom programming + 5 critical data handling + 5 credit card processing = 35 on the lowest end.

    20 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 60 on the higher end.

    Then you can mix and match accordingly. Some sites need a lot of database and custom programming so you can charge the most for those… 15 + 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 45 USD.

    Some may need a lot of content just pasted on so I might even jack up the base price past 20 so like 30 USD.

    One last thing to take into account is the group you are working for. Some non profits or small groups don’t have that kind of money. So I might slash a price for helping out or desperate for some business.

    I think if you follow this equation, you will find a lot of people are happy with it. At 60 USD/hr you could easily rack up a few thousand in a week.

    Hope this helps!

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