Q&A: How do I build my own website?


  1. Santhosh | |

    There are several website builder company are there who are providing FREE Websites.And I too looking for someone who provides simple website for FREE of cost for a long time. Recently I had a chance to visit http://www.MakeAnySite.com. After several observations I contacted them just to clear my queries.But I am quite Impressed by the way they approached me to buy a website with Unlimited Hosting& Bandwidth just for Rs.299/Month.There are offering Other features like :

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    More over it is very easy for me to design this website without any complexity.I would high recommend this best website Provider.

  2. Jason | |

    In order to build a website you just need:

    1. A domain name (like something.com)
    2. Web Hosting (the place where your actual website files are hosted)
    3. A way to build your website (either manually if you know HTML and CSS, by paying someone, by using a built in website builder from your web host, or by installing WordPress or similar CMS software).

    Most modern web hosts include all three, so all you need to build a website like http://www.something.com is to get web hosting.

    I recommend one of these: http://www.webhostingdiscounts.org/

    iPage is currently on 63% sale for just $ 2.95/month!

    Their hosting plan includes:
    – Free domain name (.com, .net, .org)
    – Unlimited storage and bandwidth
    – Unlimited email addresses per domain name

    They include a free point & click online site builder, so you can create your website without any programming (easy, just by drag and drop) or you can install WordPress (they include an easy, one click install of WordPress from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

    They also have a great custom control panel with OneClick installs of all the popular software like WordPress, Joomla, Forums, Chat, Galleries, Online stores and a lot more.

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