Plug ‘n’ Play: Cart-Agnostic Design Principles for Joomla! eCommerce – Donald Champion


  1. pharoh66 | |

    Great effort , many thanks

  2. md saiful | |

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  3. Clare Torgersen | |

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  4. angelagayle77 | |

    I loaded the ws orbit slider and when you navigate to the home page, all images overlap each other until the page finishes loading. How can I fix this? It happens in all browsers.

    Thank you!!!!!

  5. Tine Ketelaars | |

    Your great tutorial video really helped me a lot… thank you very much!

  6. Romero Pinnix | |

    Hello, Thanks for the GREAT TUTORIAL. I noticed that the padding in your template (ws-none) were different than the default. How can I adjust my template so that it will be similar to what you had in your tutorial?

  7. soulcle | |

    Hi, need help!
    how do we add text box in an image for a article?
    so that we have some things like an image with text that can be selected, but not an image only.

  8. Shon Zee | |

    Thanks man it was very helpful

  9. Rajesh Bhatt | |

    Hmm…. its really very helpful video !!! thanks a ton buddy !!!

  10. Johnny Burgos | |

    I was wondering how is it that you put webcam to webcam up onto a site. Is there a theme you can buy? Or can you write it yourself?

  11. Joe Chu Joechu8899 | |

    Meanwhile, I wonder if you have somewhere to store all the FAQs instead of asking the same question over and over. Nor you need to give an answer to everyone. We both save some time on it. Thanks so much!

  12. Joe Chu Joechu8899 | |

    I have 2 questions to ask:
    1. Please adv why on this video at 34:00, You wnat to delete a module that just created a little earlier?
    2. I saw you have several videos on Joomla,Can you specifiy the sequence or suggestions for user to view which one first? Or do you have special points on different videos? Thank, You can do better with more explaination aside the courses. Good tutorial anyway.

  13. biggestbertie | |

    Brilliant tutorial, thanks for the time

  14. minecraft1408 | |


  15. southsidebase217 | |

    I cant upload the typography plug in on my package i deleted it and now im trying to put it back but it says installer: Install: cannot find joomla XML setup file. Any advice on how to get that to work ?????? Please help

  16. Mirza Jamal | |

    Good. Thanks for DETAILED help.

  17. DeWayne Young | |

    Brilliant Video Thankyou so much !!!!! But there is always a But, The Social Plugin is no longer available is the only thing and again Just Brilliant WORK!

  18. Shannon Bramlington | |

    LIFE SAVER!!! I had restarted my site SIX times until I found your video. You made so many things click and make sense in Joomla. I kept watching and pausing, and flipping over to my site, then screaming, “this dude is a genius!” at every step! Now my site is up flying high and I can’t believe how cool it looks. Thank you SOOO much. My head can finally heel from banging it on the desk so many times In frustration!

  19. iLoveWebDev | |

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  20. slicerys | |

    what template can i use for joomla 3.03 that is equivalent to ws-none?

  21. Dragos Bitiescu | |

    Hei, very usefull video, thx 4 share, but i have a question for you.
    Can I use this tutorial to create an online shop using an eCommerce template ?

    Thanks in advance!

  22. Nodprophet | |

    Hi, first this is an awesome video. Thanks to you we now have our site. But I need your help. I can´t seem to find sharethis for joomla module. Can you send me a link or the zip or point me to an alternative that does that same? Thanks.

  23. McClaneB | |

    Thank you so much for share.. Great video!!

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