MassUpdater 1.5 Web Builder and Content Management System: Easy Website Creation Reviews

MassUpdater 1.5 Web Builder and Content Management System: Easy Website Creation

  • Super easy website creation and maintenance; no tech skills necessary; new image layering technology for sophisticated, smart web design made simple
  • Powerful software; control over the hottest site features including youtube embeds, easy Flash content embeds, easy META tag management for improved Search Engine Optimization, search and mouseover effects; Unlimited Page Creation and Saved Drafts let you to comfortably expand your site as far as you like; Own your own content, choose your own web host; works with any of the best website hosts
  • Easy design tutorials make site creation a snap (search for us on YouTube!); Natural Interface makes website changes a no stress experience; no web development software is as easy to learn as MassUpdater
  • Add any widget: Constant Contact, DimDim Webinars, Google Maps, Amazon, Facebook, Flickr Slideshows, Twitter and more; Embed Javascripts: head, inside body tag or between body tags – without editing your html
  • WEB HOST REQUIREMENTS: Designed for use on Linux hosting with Apache Server API. Minimum 1 MySQL database; FTP access, Php 5, Mysql 5; PERSONAL COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS: PC, Windows XP+, IE 5+

Finally: a simpler way for people to create and maintain websites.

The average web development software is unnecessarily difficult to take the time to learn. In fact, small business owners often end up hiring web developers to maintain their sites after purchasing other brands of web development software, because the site owner never does have the time to figure things out. While there are books on how to learn the average web development software, and Web Develope

List Price: $ 279.95


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