Magento ecommerce website development Plateform (

Britewave Digital ( Presents: Magento e commerce is a free, Open-Source platform built for growth. Magento features powerful marketing, search engine optimization, catalog-management tools, and an intuitive administration interface
Video Rating: 0 / 5 e-commerce website design review video of the store website http In this personalized video web site review Scott Fox, host of and an expert e-commerce web site design consultant, reviews the design, usability, product strategy, and SEO of this e-commerce website shop to make redesign recommendations to increase customer conversion and improve sales online. Order your own personalized video web site review consultation to improve your e-commerce sales online today at http !
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 Magento ecommerce website development Plateform (


  1. csprestonable | |

    Speak with a QUALIFIED developer about your specific need to find out the real cost based on your unique requirements…

    I actually know many talented (and affordable) eCommerce developers (freelancers and agencies). I’d be happy to provide an introduction.

    dev @ cspreston . com

  2. scottfox1 | |

    Thanks, Kali951King. They are on a much better track now, for sure.

  3. Kali951King | |

    Looking at their website after they made the changes you recommended I can definitely see the difference. It looks really good now and very easy to navigate!

  4. siouxpottery | |

    Hi Scott,
    Thank you very much for looking at our website. We have implemented a few of your suggestions already and plan on taking a more in depth look over the next few weeks. We will let you know if the changes have improved our sales. Thank you again. We enjoyed your insight and help.
    Kristel @ Sioux Pottery

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