Introducing e107 v2 Website Content Management System


  1. e107 Inc | |

    Yes, it uses Bootstrap – so it has responsive design features.

  2. Пётр Кучеров | |

    thanks for v2, i love you guys! 😀

  3. Matt Epis | |

    easy to code plugins for,not a bad cms

  4. Barbara Tostes | |

    I love it! Nice to see WYSIWYG editor and a new photo gallery integrated!
    Grats, e107 team! I’ll continue helping with translations 😉 thx!
    (brazilian comunity e107brasil-dot-net)

  5. Mick2015 | |

    looking great cant wait to use this verion with me new host E107 FTW !!!

  6. Andy Keel | |

    Lots of new features to explore, SEF URLs and meta tag control will help
    with search engine visibility tremendously.

  7. Reza Neyzan | |

    Perfect Job

  8. e107 Inc | |

    Bootstrap (dark) for the admin, and Bootstrap for the front-end. Make sure
    you’re using v2 and not v1. e107 v2 only comes with the bootstrap theme.

  9. Farhan Rinaldi Gunawan | |

    Great One “Jempol!!!”

  10. Dirk Janssen | |

    is it easy to use responsive design? Are Templates available for responsive
    design. could not find any information about this on the website. Thanks.

  11. Ceesie007 | |

    Ive been using e107 for many years. I must say I like it very much. But now
    its the time that everybody uses fb. I wished there was a way that people
    could login or subscribe with their own fb acount on my e107. No one want
    to take the time to subscribe anymore … should be an standard thing:
    Login with fb

  12. D MaeAner | |

    I just started using e107. I really like it and I’m curious about what
    theme is being used in this video? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  13. e107 Inc | |

    You might like to check out the ‘Social Logins’ area in the Preferences
    area. It has options to login with facebook etc.

  14. Ismail Fahmi | |

    Thank you e107 Dev … i happy hear it..

  15. Kyo Kusanagi | |

    thanks a bunch … i waited long enaugh for it .. now, time to experience
    the new stuff. Nice job e107 team.

  16. mark venn | |

    I like the look of e107. Never used it, I have used wp, joomla and drupal
    at various times, will take a look at this one to see if it offers any
    improvements, or if it is more secure that the others!

  17. Francis Vega | |


  18. Jeffry Ghazally | |

    Oh Hells YEa! Thats some funny stuff!

  19. Mikkel Bjerregaard | |

    Content Management Systems Rap -why not! #GangsterStyle
    Content Management Systems Rap!

  20. Jonathan Warren | |

    *”I have a new client with a site that uses Joomla.*
    *I seen that and told him that he sholda’ came soonah.”*

  21. Russell Heimlich | |

    Chuck the SEO rapper uses WordPress because it’s not rocket science. Why do
    you use WordPress? Content Management Systems Rap

  22. Aaron Trevena | |

    +Edward Cowell might like this… Content Management Systems Rap

  23. Albert Sola | |

    Yeah biatch

  24. Cathy O'Sullivan | |

    Thanks to +Chris Daniels for pointing this gem out.

  25. Glenn Robinson | |

    Need to build a website? Here’s what you need to know. 

  26. EYEMAGINE | |

    Premade templates and themes, man what are you thanking?
    If you doing that, you need to go planking.

    #contentmanagementsystems #ecommerce #webdevelopment #videooftheday 

  27. Nathan Weber | |

    Lol, this is awesome. Shout out to +Charles Lewis #SEO #CMS

  28. Ketan Majmudar | |

    What do you use ?

  29. Melissa Kamphuis | |

    This is my kinda rap.

  30. Jay Gilmore | |

    That’s Right, +Charles Lewis’ latest video features MODX as his powertool

  31. Kyle Powers | |

    Chuck the SEO Rapper is back at it: Content Management Systems Rap

  32. Adrien Tichoux | |

    Yo biaatch, what the best CMS for ya!

  33. Casey Glass | |

    Now I’ve seen everything…

  34. Panah Rad | |

    SEO Rapper on WordPress: Content Management Systems Rap

  35. Eric DAVID | |

    CMS hip hop !

  36. Amy Stephen | |

    CMS Rap – by +charleslewis – CMS Rap – spoiler – just one man’s opinion,
    thought it was fun and interesting.

    Content Management Systems Rap

  37. DjVegetables | |

    Best version EVER!

  38. GinGeeK | |

    wordpress ..easy to use easy to train ..not rocket science

  39. buffalomikem | |

    I use wordpress, it is the easiest to use and you can do a lot with it.

  40. Bart Nelis | |

    I ‘am a MODx guy too .. can’t wait to burn this on a CD and play this in a
    tuned car and cruise near the next DrupalCon… show these self proclaimed
    ‘drupalistas’ what coolness is all about

  41. scott martin | |

    you are my Bob Dylan

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