How To Use WordPress as a CMS


  1. Bruno Cassol | |

    Very clear and useful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jemmeli Nejmeddine | |

    good explanation man thank you a lot

  3. Michael Rowland | |

    That was painful to watch. Good effort though.

  4. OhhThatGriff | |

    For those with style sheet problems, I have worked out a way to do it, but
    I can’t manage to explain it in YouTube’s 500 character comment limit, so I
    have posted it on an old free test wordpress I made: hogofsudhgd [dot]
    wordpress [dot] com Apologies for not fitting it in the comments, I wanted
    to make sure I explained it well. Hope this helps. Also sorry about the
    strange link, youtube wont let me post it properly.

  5. Vibe Kat | |

    Would it work fine with uploading new images in the photo galleries and so
    on? Anyone any idea?

  6. Ben Harriott | |

    Your wordpress is likely set to use a theme that you have not stored your
    template pages to. Try saving them to the content/themes/[theme folder name
    that is currently active] and then the template option will appear in your

  7. King Kor | |

    at 1:14 the word “excellent” at the top of the webpage is misspelled.

  8. Andreas Grünh | |

    I’m sorry but you talk too slow… Too many uuums and pauses and
    repetitions… couldn’t watch until the end

  9. adamjg4 | |

    How To Use WordPress as a CMS

  10. Shalenddra Singh | |

    You’re welcome

  11. Jason Thomas | |

    When you replaced your page’s content with the wordpress php, did you
    replace the CSS link code? Double check the relative path to the CSS sheet
    to make sure it’s still linking to where it’s pointing. If it isn’t and you
    can’t figure it out, just type out the entire URL to the style sheet
    starting with h t t p :// so on so forth.

  12. nater51 | |

    Does anyone know why when you move the style.css file, the template no
    longer shows in the drop down, the drop down disappears? Also what about
    the CSS file makes it acknowledged in WP? I am trying to follow this
    tutorial but I cannot make my own directory in my themes folder and have it
    acknowledged as a theme, it doesn’t show in my themes list.

  13. Ramon Ramirez | |


  14. This and That | |

    nice walkthrough thanks!

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