How to Make a Custom eCommerce Website With WordPress – Beginners


  1. LOVEKJR | |

    Hi I am having problems with my logo. It let me upload it but when I try to insert it, it doesn’t seem to work

  2. wpSculptor | |

    That is awesome! Thank you for saying. You are very welcome!

  3. wpSculptor | |

    I don’t have experience using a local server but if it is working there but not on your host server, I would contact your hosting provider and see if they can trouble shoot the issue.

  4. Star Foxx | |

    I was able to build my very own website in just a day and I never know how to build one before just by watching this video I was able to do that. Thank you so much man I really appreciate this video. Keep up the great work.

  5. LOVEKJR | |

    Hi I am having problems with my logo. It let me upload it but when I try to insert it, it doesn’t seem to work

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  7. ballytaufik | |

    Hi i have problem on feature and gallery not showing up on my host server but on local using xampp it works flawless can you help am using mio and woocommerce thx

  8. wpSculptor | |

    Thanks Shade, you are always very appreciative and encouraging and I appreciate that so much! You are very welcome!

  9. Mark Buhh | |


  10. Shade Odeinde | |

    Thank you for this video! I thoroughly enjoyed it! You lay things out very well. I really love the tips you share to make the website more professional-looking. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

  11. wpSculptor | |

    You are very welcome Sagar. I used fairly large images (1280px by 850 and 1280 by 960 seemed to work fine.) The theme will crop the image to a square (500×500 for the slider and 300×300 for the main product image) so just be aware of that.

  12. Sagar Wagle | |

    Dear wpSculptor, thank you so much for making these videos. I just started a business, and I am making website by watching your videos. I have a question. On the product image, is there a specific image size ratio (length:breadth), that will make the image fit well? Because my images are cut off on the website, and appear stretched with I open the image.

  13. Nazmul Hossen | |

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