How to create a Custom html Module in Joomla 2.5 / Joomla 1.7


  1. Petros Diveris | |

    I wished people didn’t feel the need to add music to the videos

  2. mrazakhan81 | |

    I had this same problem…..I couldn’t find the custom HTML mod in “Installed Modules” list.

    but this video tells a very easiest & obvious way of how to CREATE a new “Custom HTML” module.

    check it again Im sure you’re missing something

  3. zed shad | |

    dude , am on 2.5 and i don’t have custom HTML in the module list , how to fix this ???!!!

  4. Darron Saunders | |

    There is html here, it’s not shown as using wysiwyg editor, not code view – forget the hyperlink that’ s Joomlage giving you even more insight than they need to

  5. Joomlage | |

    You do not require any HTML code. The tutorial does show you how to create a custom html module as stated.

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