How to build a content management system?

Question by thethethe789: How to build a content management system?
What is the best way to learn how to build a content management system? Is there a good book to learn how? or should i just use one of the free ones, if so what the best for having users customize their own accounts?

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Answer by avsrule247
I assume that you are new at PHP and server side scripting. Therefore we cannot just teach you how to make one. You will need lots of practice with PHP, and I mean LOTS in order to write your own. If you are really set on writing your own, pick up the book called “PHP for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide” by Larry Ullman. It will teach you how to make a CMS from the basics of PHP. It also has the complete source code in the book too.

However if that seems too much work, Drouple is a VERY powerful and easy to install open source CMS with great support. It is 100% free and great for beginners.

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 How to build a content management system?

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  1. AnalProgrammer | |

    Create a simple web page with a form. Now make this form update some data. Where are you storing the data? Is it in a text file or a database?

    This form that you have created must be capable of viewing the data, updating the data and deleting the data.

    That is content management.

    Now all you have to do is to organise a web site around the data in this simple example and you have a complete system.

    Have fun.

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