How many web design companies use wordpress as a cms?

Question by IchSprecheDeutsch: How many web design companies use wordpress as a cms?
How many web design companies use wordpress as a cms? Like companies who design websites around existing (or custom) wordpress templates… I know there are a ton of internet businesses selling themes, but I am wondering about the actual custom web design companies out there… Thanks!
Hah, just to clarify… I mean, like a restaurant business wants a website, so they go to a design company and pay a good amount of money for a website, -are alot of these companies just designing around wordpress themes? Thanks…

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Answer by O’Sullivan
Not necessarily, and there is nothing about WordPress themes that makes them specific to WordPress apart from a few bits of code that can easily be changed. Most of the sites I do are built using a PHP framework with the rest being implemented in Drupal. Only my own personal site runs WordPress.

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 How many web design companies use wordpress as a cms?


  1. mike | |

    Lots of web firms offer the customization of WordPress, some even are big into myspace layout designing too.

    There is nothing wrong using wordpress as a cms, some ways it can make the job easier and more affordable.

    I have seen lots of web designers even use ning nowadays and customize it. You have lots of options.

  2. Web Design Taxi | |

    We get allot of customers who need a website with WordPress as the content management system. The plugins help make that easier for functionality. We charge a starting estimate of $ 350 for custom wordpress themes.

    WordPress is also recommended to all of our clients for seo purposes. Our website uses a custom wordpress theme on our blog section and it drives the most traffic via search engines. So the actual use of it as a CMS is just good marketing sense.

  3. Randy O | |

    Hi My personal Website was designed and the content management system was done by Shapia software Solution, their wesite is:
    There provide me wordpress content management system, they are also providing joomla content management. I really love the way the content being managed on my website

  4. Jen | |

    I work for a marketing firm and we build a lot of “small-business” or entrepreneurial websites – restaurants, independent financial consultants, real estate agents, etc. We have white-labeled WordPress, and are “packaging” it with our basic websites as an added bonus. We still do awesome custom designs, but then we just build them out as a theme for WordPress and we feel like that not only speeds up development time (since we cut our content-entry time in half), but it also gives the client a really good experience. Sort of an “above and beyond” approach, if you will.

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