How do I get my new web template customized?

Question by fredasita: How do I get my new web template customized?
I just purchased a nice web template but I need somebody to customize it. Where can I find some template customization at a cheap price?
I was told that buying a web template is much cheaper than having a website done by a web designer who can cost hundreds of dollars.

Thank you for your time.

PS: It is a Flash Template that I purchased so I need somebody good at Flash Customization.

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Answer by Roland
I can do that for free. Send me an email with your requirements.


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 How do I get my new web template customized?

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  1. Ron | |

    How to Do Templates:

    How to Download and Edit a Template Video Tutorial:

    How to Make a New Page Video Tutorial:

    How to Upload Your Template Video Tutorial:

    You could have made your own site for free. Lots of free hosting available along with the Visual/HTML Editors, free graphics programs and tutorials on how to make a web page.

    Flash sites are not Search Engine friendly so enjoy it. BTW, you could have made a flash site for free at .


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