Designing a Website Template Using Dreamweaver


  1. baretings1 | |

    incredibly helpful.

    very good 5 minutes spent.

  2. danceall12 | |

    you need more videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. naturalapproach | |

    How can i watch the last video that you are talking about? I like this one sooooo much.

  4. guanaco2828 | |

    you never showed how you come up with the index page can you show how?

  5. poonchezhians | |

    mzlyoness,Thanks for the tutorial.
    Just a suggestion,you could make the title as
    Designing a Website – Part 1 – Designing Template
    Designing a Website – Part 2 - Inserting .swf file in to a page..etc…so the video will have a continuity…

  6. Lisa Richardson | |

    A bit of both, but I have been teaching for quite a while. Thank you for the compliment! I am using CS3 in the tutorial.

    Thank you everyone for the feedback!

  7. inbetweentics | |

    i don’t know how you learned this or if you taught yourself, but you are a very good teacher. you have a terrific speaking style, you pace the instruction well, and you instruct the viewer/student in a precise manner how to locate the proper selections in the process.

    you could probably put together a video tutorial and sell it on ebay! i’d buy it! 🙂

    you just sealed the confidence in me that i’m gonna get dreamweaver and make my own site! thank you

  8. Shakeel Magsi | |

    Thank you very much you are great Please upload more about dreamweaver.

  9. HakoProductions | |

    great tutorial thanks:)

  10. mjRICH1991 | |

    thank you so much for this

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