CMS (Content Management System) – what’s the best solution out there that’s worth buying or free?

Question by gagester08: CMS (Content Management System) – what’s the best solution out there that’s worth buying or free?
I’ve looked at so many, my brain is spinning. ModX, Expression Engine, Textpattern, Joomla, Drupal… too many to choose from. Basically as many things that are important to me that i can think of right now are listed here: (or a start anyway)

Ability to do it from my mac. I think most are mac compatible, but just in case. (i think dot net nuke isn’t?)

ABILITY TO USE OUR OWN TEMPLATES – I don’t want/ need to choose from any pre-existing templates. We build sites professionally using HTML and CSS — just looking for a CMS that’s easy to implement/use with our own html designs/templates.

MAKES SENSE – Stuff’s easy to organize, makes logical sense on how things are arranged — i don’t want to have to spend a whole month just finding things. 🙂

ABILITY TO HAVE SECONDARY PAGES/NAVIGATION — and sometimes even a third “level” of pages. Hierachical levels.

ABILITY TO ADD FUNCTIONALITY (via modules, or whatever) for things like: events, news items, staff members, graphical calendar, site search, members-only part of site (is this possible? user management?), admin control (multiple admins with various admin capability), photo galleries, blogs (?), “store”, .. etc.

Just looking for something that’s worth putting the effort, time, and energy into learning — something that’s customizable enough that it will work for plenty of sites, rather than finding out that it’s missing some core feature that we need for one, or whatever.

I’m pretty proficient in HTML and CSS. Just haven’t gotten a handle on this CMS stuff yet. We currently work with a programmer that does custom php solutions for us for most projects — just to give you an idea of where i’m coming from/what i’m familiar with.

anyway… thoughts anyone? advice? anything i should know? pointers? tips? 😉

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Answer by joe b
Im currently developing a cms that is just for people/companies like you. My CMS has no front-end. Basicly you create the xhtml/css and just place the { TAGS } where you want the content to go. and all content/pages can be added through the backend. Im adding a form generator with it. It is mainly to manage website leads, track website hits, and manage website content. I should be done by the end of the month. It will be called the variux Express. and will be available through .. once its up and ready for beta.

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 CMS (Content Management System) – what’s the best solution out there that’s worth buying or free?

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    You can go for Joomla.

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