A web designer’s job is easier than a web developer’s?

Question by deeperm: A web designer’s job is easier than a web developer’s?

I am currently working as a web developer. Basically, I implement websites with open source packages, such as Joomla, Magento, etc… This can be stressful as I have to literally change every aspect of most templates to fit the clients’ needs and also I have to add a lot of custom functionality. However, I cannot say that I am a PHP expert. Although I know how to do many stuff with PHP. When it comes to HTML and CSS I know them pretty well. However, I have become pretty stressed at this job and I would like to try out another job, mainly because when it comes to web I am in charge of everything where I work.

My question is, that an opportunity has arisen for a Web Designer job. Basically, at this job I will only need to create the designs and then the developers will take care of the implementation of the website. When you say ‘just the design’, this means the PSD and or/ Flash banners and so on? Or would you need to also create the HTML/CSS layout?

I know that when starting from scratch, a Web Designer’s job is easier than a Web Developer’s. However, since I used Joomla and other packages to create websites, I never really implemented a huge website from scratch. I know my way around Photoshop. I will now need to create designs from scratch. Do you think that I will do all right at this job or could I find it hard? Because I have a feeling that the pay will be better for a more relaxing job and I would like to try it out. However, I become very anxious when changing a job because of the fear of making a bad decision of changing it (this is the first time that I am considering to change the job after 1.5 years).

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.
This job doesn’t have any server side or client side coding. It just needs someone to create the designs. The implementation will be done by the developers.

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Answer by chebrew2000
Web design entail writing code. If you aren’t a natural born code writer, it’s going to be tough going. You have to know Web languages like Java, VB and XML. You have to write server side code as well as source code. It is NOT plug and play. It’s stressful too to get code to work the way the client wants the page to work within certain time constraints.

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 A web designer’s job is easier than a web developer’s?

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    Web designing is much more easier and relaxed compared to web developing. But I think web developers have bigger salary than web designers. It’s up to you, wether you want to an easier job but less salary or a more challenging job with bigger salary. But If you are really that tired, try building your own business. 🙂 much money. hehe

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